Classics Trial 2D’All 2022

Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th of May 2022

New route and new areas
More environmentally friendly
20th anniversary activities

In this edition, we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the test, which is why there are many new features: new route and new areas.

It consists of groups of zones for yellows and groups of zones for greens and blues totally differentiated, and in addition the zones change of Saturday to Sunday. The marking of zones in this edition is in English, without tape, in order to be more ecological and respectful with the environment.

This year, Saturday lunch is held at the Girul Restaurant (merania district) and activities are organized for companions such as cheese tasting in Cerdanya and a visit to the Museu de l’Esclop de Meranges, among many others.

The number of registrants is limited and is exclusively in order of registration, except for those who have issued a federal license with the Motorclub 80, who have a guaranteed place.

Gaaaas and a lot of strength in the classic trial!