A trial of contrasts, this year sun and warm!

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of May 2014

Surely many will remember the report of the 2013 edition of the two-day classic trial of All de Cerdanya that populated the webs and social networks with spectacular photographs of the important snowfall that fell on the Cerdanya region in May 2013. This led to the elimination of some areas as well as a part of the course of the trial and that it was harder than expected from the cold and mud.

With these antecedents, about 140 pilots gave an appointment on May 10th and 11th in the small town of All, totally dumped with this competition. We all remembered the experience of the previous year, so that they did not lack in any suitcase neither the heavy jackets nor the clothes of rain. But as we say, All is a trial of contrasts, and this time the weather offered exactly the opposite to us in the 2013 edition: sun and heat!

Temperatures high for the day of Saturday that caused the zones in this day to be simpler than expected, which was nevertheless grateful considering the more than 45 km of trial interzone waiting for pilots .

This 2014 edition of the All trial, unlike the previous one, was not scoring for the Classic Spain Cup of Spain. However, the same regulation of the Copa de España was applied for coefficients based on the age of the motorcycle.

Excellent organization by MotorClub 80 with regard to the distribution of zones and difficulty levels. Two first relatively remote areas of the town and relatively simple, were enough to stretch the group of pilots which led to the creation of queues at the entrance of the zones at no time. From here, a long stretch of interzones led us to zones 3 and 4 in which water began to touch. Two beautiful areas of stony and tortuous torrents that were completely classic areas.

From here, a beautiful mountain road led us to zones 5 and 6, where the climb to the highest point of the route began, where areas 7 and 8 were to be found, the highest in the trial and a little more selective.

Then, beautiful mountain path between forests to access a track that would take us to the town of Meranges, where provision was planned, but not at this time. The interzones was followed by a long forest track that led to a very fun rural road to areas 9 to 13 where water was once again touched. And then, a new arrival at Meranges, where the refueling of motorbikes and pilots was planned at a restaurant in the town.

Once the refurbishment was done the turn began in the village of All through zones 14 and 15 on the mountain where the rapid descent began to areas 16 to 18 already very close to the paddock and consisting of important slopes Of land that, being the land especially dry, did not carry much difficulty.

Finally, zone 19 at the top of the village of All which was accessed by a street of the town that when it rains turns into a real river as it would happen the next day, and finally zone 20 on the same side of the paddock and with a lot of audience watching the participants.

Definitely a first day that was not similar at the 2013 edition and with the following results:

In a difficult yellow victory by Joan Rovira, with only 14 years!!! who penalized 3 points. It surely had a part of “blame” in this good result his companion-backpacker-counselor Quico Carbonell who was second with 5 points that once passed through the sieve of the coefficients remained at 3’5 points. In third place Carlos Luis Fernández with 4 penalty points, followed closely by Francesc Santos with 4’8 points and to whom an inopportune sting relegated to this fourth place of the first day.

It is worth noting the poor result of Jose Maria Martinez Anaya, who is accustomed to being in the first places but that a distraction with area 19 that did not perform brought him 20 extra points of qualification relegating him to position 32 of this first day.

In the category of green difficulty, French pilots in the first places. In the first position Michel Ranc, at the controls of a BSA that penalized only 7 points, followed by René Mabily with Merlin replica Gallach with only 8 points. Third place for Catalan Xavier Ribot with 14 points.

Blue category, with good participation of 17 pilots and in which the application of the coefficients modified the classification. Thus, Antoni Ramonet was ranked first with 11 points, followed by Ramón Membrives with 10 points but, when applying the correction coefficient, they were 11 plus a penalty point per time. He closed the podium Joan Rovira with 23 real points and 16’1 of the coefficient.

It should be noted in this category that many pilots punished by time. The reason was not the state of the interzone nor the high difficulty of the zones. Surely it was more due to the attraction that led to the fact of sharing zones with great stars of the trial that competed out of classification such as Lluís Gallach (already a regular in these trials), Xavier Miquel and Charles and Arthur Coutard who showed, one Again, they still have a lot of trial inside.

However, as we have already indicated, the trial of All is a trial of contrasts, and from Saturday to Sunday a strong cloud changed the state of the zones. For this day the organization shortened the route a bit by eliminating zones 7 and 8 of the previous day and modifying some of the zones. In addition, with the rain falling at night the level of torrential water was greatly increased, which made many areas more attractive, while more difficult.

COn Sunday, apart from those mentioned on Saturday, we have the presence of Gabino Renales at the helm of a Honda TLR and Miquel Cirera, both were delighted with the areas and the All tour.

In this second day the time was reduced considerably to be fairly shorter the interzone. Highlight areas 16 to 18, all of which significantly decreased grip increasing the difficulty of them with respect to the previous day. And finally zones 19 and 20, especially the first one, full of water everywhere. Even for accessing the pilots they had to go over a street of All that looked like a river. And in the same area the stones disappeared underwater running through the area. All this made the delight of all the pilots but especially of the group of French who always repeat that in his country it is totally prohibited to circulate in the water obstacles, even in competition. It is not surprising that they were pleasantly surprised by the high water level of these last zones.

Regarding the ratings for this second day:

Yellow, adjusted final result, winning the teacher Quicu Carbonell followed by his “student” Joan Rovira to just one penalty point. Exceptional result of this young promise that in its first trial of classics and with only 14 years already goes up to the podium. Third classified, tied at points with the second, Francesc Santos with his 1972 Bultaco kit champion, who showed in many areas a very high level. Not in vain he was champion of Spain in pre-72 category. It is also worth mentioning the eighth position of the 14-year-old Poliester driver Brunyola (Girona) at the controls of a Honda TLR 200 and that if it had not been for a totally avoidable fiasco on the first day, he would probably have fought for a place at podium.

Green: Michel Ranc’s new victory with 9 points, this time followed by Eduard Gil with 8 points, with the application of coefficients being second placed. Ranc competes with a BSA with 0’7 of coefficient and Gil with a Honda TLR 250 with a coefficient of 1. Third ranked 1 very close René Mabily with 11 points at the command of his Merlin. In the final two-day ranking, winner Michel Ranc, second-placed René Mabily and followed by Asier Zurbano, who with a lot of regularity in the two days managed to embed this third drawer on the podium.

And in the blue category, victory undoubtedly of Antoni Ramonet after having won in the two days. Second place for Ramón Membrives and third place for Joan Rovira Llopis.

The awards ceremony took place at Celler d’All with the presence of practically all the participating pilots. Gift of memory for all participants, commemorative t-shirt for everyone and draw of products awarded by sponsors Delay, Clice, Classics Bergadà, Magicals, Punt Fresc, Hebo, Jordana, Limit Motos, Grib-metal and Todotrial.

And that was all in the two days of 2014 All. After the bureaucratic problems that have occurred in the 2013 edition, this edition of 2014, and thanks to the excellent work of the members of MotorClub 80, has confirmed that we are facing a trial that is already part of the classics of each year, which has a very faithful audience both in our country and among the French pilots who came in good number and always show their will to return to the next year. Two days of All that are part of the select group of two-day trial of classics that are celebrated in Catalonia together with Santigosa, Cabrianes and the Costa Brava.