Two more epic trial days took place in the 3rd and 4th round of the Spanish Cup of Classics 2013

Celebrated on May 18 and 19 at All, La Cerdanya, locality of the Catalan Pyrenees

A good number of riders met for the second weekend of the Copa de España after the two days of All. A very good participation of the pilots from the Balearic Islands, of the Valencian Community and a handful of French riders who, despite not rating for the Spanish Cup, took advantage of the proximity of the place to enjoy a very good trial .

To highlight the presence on Saturday of four great classic pilots: Manuel Soler, Jaume Subirà, Xavier Miquel and Lluís Gallach who, invited by the organization and with their customized backs, decided to take the tour together offering the public, Controls and drivers real historical moments performing areas as many times as they had for convenience.

Manuel Soler leading a Bultaco Sherpa, Jaume Subirà, as could not be otherwise on the backs of a Fantic, Xavier Miquel riding a Montesa Cota 242 and Lluís Gallach with a Merlin DG-350. The fact that they participated without the pressure of the competition to not numbered backscatter (they already did their zeros in their professional stage) led them to have fun and have fun at all.

We can only emphasize the great sympathy of all of them, always willing to talk to any fans who come to them and, ultimately, return to trial what the trial gave them.

We have to say these situations that offer us motoclubs inviting great pilots of previous times and especially thanking these four stars of the trial their sympathy, their attentions to everyone, share their anecdotes, their desire to continue trial and demonstrate that “who had, retained”, and we’ll have to retain themselves!

And we say epic trial in a pure state for the weather conditions of the weekend, especially in the day of Saturday, when it rained and washed out. Friday night the rain did not stop at the town of All, but what few expected was that in the heights all this precipitation was in the form of snow. That is why the organization was forced to cancel 3 zones (from 7 to 9) that were the highest of the route due to the impossibility of even arriving at them. In this way the route was shortened in 5 kilometers, in terms of length but not in terms of hardness.

The beautiful prints of classic trial motorcycles in the snow hide a competition of great harshness for the frogs that end up provoking what leaves a very slippery terrain for pilots.

The MotorClub 80, the organizer of the test, had marked areas of optimum levels, as the specifications for the 2013 Spanish Cup are true, but the snow and water were in charge of complicating the difficulty of the areas. In this sense the organizer motoclub proved a good agility when modifying some of the areas that had become almost impossible.

Aside from that, the large amount of water that came down through the torrents complicated the situation a little more, although it made the delights of the participants. The day of Saturday began with the hope that the time endured a little, but soon after taking the exit the first pilots and as they were gaining height began an important snowfall that made driving difficult because very few were equipped with horn glasses The route, of approximately 35 km, ran through the towns of All, Isòvol, Ger, Meranges and Bellver de Cerdanya. Reaching to 1,787 m altitude.

A first area very close to the town with an access that in normal conditions would have been easy but that the mud became a small trap. On the following day the organization modified this access in the yellow color, in green and blue it was equal since the curve of mud became the great challenge of the zone.

Subsequently, two areas that were very close to each other, just in the snow line and from there onwards when the route was taller when the snow became more evident, which led to numerous pilot stops to take pictures in a situation so uncommon at the same time as fun.

He followed the interzone along a narrow and long road that led to the town of Meranges with the incessant snowfall on the pilots … and on the poor controls that held water, rain, cold without blinking. Thanks to all of them because the trial without controls would not be possible and control under these conditions is very tough.

In the middle of the road to Meranges some more areas, this time with abundant water and many techniques.

Arriving at the town of Meranges, where the refurbishment and supply were planned, the pilots passed the town long to climb again to zone 10 to return to Meranges, again passing the town again to start a long loop leading to the zones 11 to 13, two of them consisting of torrents with lots of water that almost prevented the stones from appreciating. Possibly the two most beautiful areas of the whole trial.

And arrived with a stop, this time, in Meranges, where the organization had planned the refurbishment and supply that took place in a restaurant in the town and where the pilots, sitting in front of a table with tablecloths and dishes and cutlery, They could dry a little and comment on the first section of the route. To emphasize the comment of Lluís Gallach that recognized that it was the first time throughout his sport race in which he saw how the supply of a trial was done in a restaurant.

Once full of diesel riders and motorcycles, he followed the route and the snowfall, this time facing the return to All for sloping and downhill tracks that made pilots extreme precautions. Arriving at All, in the area near the cemetery three extremely distant areas (which in the mountain was snow in All was rain) that became very difficult causing numerous fiascos because it was rises with strong slope of those of “zero or fiasco”.

And finally the last two zones in the village of All that delighted the audience, both in torrents with lots of water.

Regarding the classifications of the first day in Classic Yellows victory of José María Martínez Anaya at the controls of his Triumph Tiger Cub, followed by Xavier Mirabet and Rafael Sanromà in third place. Both José María and Xavier had a 0.7 coefficient and the 7 points of Martinez raised him to the highest rush of podium. Miravet penalized with 10 and was second. For his part, Rafael had a coefficient of 0’85 and his 17 feet took him to third place.

In Green Trialers Xavier Ribot surpassed his category rivals and was the best doing 15 points and having a coefficient of 0.7. José Buixó was behind Ribot and was penalized with 19 points. Joan Farrés was the third classified driver finishing the day with 17 points due to his 0’85 coefficient and his 20 feet.

Ramón Membrives, Salva Vilella and Joan Rovira were in a semi-Catalan podium Saturday in the Blaus Experts category. Ramon counted on a coefficient of 1’3 and his 15 feet made him climb to the first place. Salva did a great job as he had a high coefficient. 1’15. He scored 18 points and took the second classified trophy. Joan had a low coefficient (0’7) but he made 33 feet remaining third.

And with that ended the day of Saturday, hoping on the part of the pilots and controls that the day of Sunday would be quieter meteorologically speaking. And something quieter if it was, although the snowfall was repeated again in the middle of the morning, although not much with the intensity of the previous day.

The organization modified some areas and some accessions that had been almost impassable the previous day by the snow and rain and with that the difficulty of the areas was reduced enough with the consequent reduction in the scores.

The conclusion of the great majority of pilots was that even wet and mud water they had a good time and that this would be a trial to remember since in the same trial there was sun, rain, snow, zones of rocks, earth zones with twists, mud areas, areas of lots of water … All in one.

To highlight the attendance in this second day, apart from Manuel Soler, Jaume Subirà and Xavier Miquel (Lluís Gallach could not remain for his professional commitments as backpacker of Albert Cabestany) the presence of Jordi Tarrés who goes To participate in the controls of a Bultaco Sherpa, demonstrating that, either with modern or classic motorcycle, there is a lot of trial inside.

Regarding the results of the day of Sunday, José María Martínez Anaya returned to win with a total of 5’60 points. Rafael Asins was second with 10’20 and Francisco Salmerón third with 11’50. In Verts trialers, José Buixó took the win. He had a coefficient of 0.7 and the 14 penalties added 9’80 points. Joan Farrés was second with 13’60 and Francis Ramon third with 13’80.

Finally, in Blue Experts, the same podium of the previous day but with change of steps, Joan Rovira, Salva Vilella and Ramón Membrives were classified in the top three positions. Joan added 10’50 points, saves 12’65 and Ramon 13’00.

And with the delivery of prizes at the Celler d’All, with the presence of Manuel Soler, Jaume Subirà and Xavier Miquel, who remained until the end participating in the trophy delivery, this new edition of the two trial days ended of All, a test that already has a place reserved in the calendar of many classical trialers.