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The Trial 2D’All 2022 will be started the next Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th of May 2022.

It is a classic trial of long distance in the region of the Cerdanya located in the Catalan Pyrenees.

The organization of the race, the PADDOCK and the OUTDOOR are located at El Celler d’All.


Administrative and technical checks Friday 20th of May 15 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 21th of May from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Remember that the order of departure is inverse to the order of registration. The last ones to sign up come first.


  • Saturday: Departure of the first participant at 9 hours at the rate of 2 pilots every minute. The time to complete the route and the zones will be 5 hours plus 30 minutes to eat.
  • Sunday: The first participant will leave at 8.30 h. The time allowed will be 4 hours plus 30 minutes.
    Time will be taken to the exit and in the penultimate zone of each day. It will be penalized at the rate of one point per minute delay of the time of arrival.


To participate and score, riders must be obliged to have the following types of licenses for the current year:

  • Catalan social license.
  • Single trial license.
  • Single trial CE license.
  • License from any country of the European Union affiliated with FIM EUROPA, provided they have their exit permit issued by their National Federation.

Regional licenses not approved other than the Catalan federation, consult. It will depend on the agreements between federations.

Level of areas:

Four levels of difficulty, through different steps or design, are established in each of the zones, depending on the following parameters:

Plaissance Yellow- VERY LOW difficulty level and shortened route
Yellow - Level of difficulty LOW
Green - Level of difficulty MEDIA
Blue - Level of difficulty MEDIA - HIGH

Accepted motorcycles:

Classic trial motorcycles according to specifications of the particular technical regulation. Three categories are distinguished according to the year of manufacture of the motorcycle:

Series motorcycles manufactured up to 1965 inclusive.

Series motorcycles manufactured from 1966 until 1965 inclusive.

Series motorcycles manufactured from 1976 up to the year 1982 included.

Classifications by category:

  • Yellow Pre-65
  • Yellow Pre-75
  • Classic Yellow
  • Plaissance Yellow
  • Green Pre-75
  • Green Trialer
  • Blue Expert

Route and refueling

It has a single turn that has changed with regard to previous editions with the incorporation of new zones in new locations.

New Yellow Plaissance category (with fewer areas and less route), for those who want to start or those who physically want or want.

Forget about the drum! Reposting during the race in charge of the organization!

On Saturday there are about 45 km and 20 areas with refilling and lunch in the village of Meranges. On Sunday there will be 35 km with 20 zones and refuge in the village of Meranges.

Remember that taking advantage of the characteristics of the orography where the trial is disputed many of the areas are present with water. Zones or part of them can vary from day to day.

Trophies and prizes

Trophies will be awarded to the top three classified in the seven categories.

Lunch during the race run by the organization!

For the rest of the riders, the organization will give all participants a personalized reminder of the test.


The organization has prepared a series of events to celebrate the 20th edition of 2D’All22, especially for companions.

Inscriptions and prices

Registration will be considered valid only if it has been made through the registration form.


  • The number of participants is limited to 180 rider.
  • No-day inscriptions are allowed.
  • The order of departure is inverse to the order of registration. The last ones to sign up come first.
  • Registration will not be accepted to reach the limit even without having exhausted the period of registration.

In case of exceeding the established limit for registrations, the organization reserves 20 places available that will be drawn between all the extra requests received.

In the event that the competition cannot finally be attended and you wish to reimburse the registration, the cancellation must be notified to MotorClub 80 up to one month before the competition, that is, before April 21th, 2022. This communication will be made in writing via email to

Followers and backpackers can only follow the trial trial motorcycle and this will have to be enrolled and insured. The organization provides a tracker’s badge that includes breakfast.

Only motorcycles identified as a pilot, organization or follower may travel around the route.

Mossos d’Esquadra or forestry agents may penalize unauthorized followers and may also sanction authorized followers who do not follow the marked route.

Links of interest

Isòvol, All, Olopte, Meranges i Éller

CÀMPING BELLVER Càmping Ctra. N-260km.193 Isòvol 973510239

MAS RAVETLLAT HOTEL Hotel Mas Ravetllat Isòvol 684454084

CAL FRANCÈS Turisme rural-apartaments c/Nord s/n All 972894081

EL CELLER D’ALL Bar-Restaurant Local Polivalent c/Major, s/n All 972147126 / 686525553

PIZZERIA LA PETITA ITALIA Bar-Restaurant c/Major All 682591405

ERMITATGE DE QUADRES Allotjament Bar-Restaurant Camí de Sant Jaume 972197285 / 618550183

MASIA CAL SAMS Allotjament rural c/Raval, s/n Olopte 972894205 / 639169496

CAL FELIPET Hotel rural-Restaurant c/Pedres, 2 Olopte 621205970

CAN BORRELL Hotel-Restaurant c/Retorn, 3 Meranges 972880033

CAL JOAN Restaurant c/Central, 5 Meranges 972881291

CASA RURAL VILAMAROTO Hotel c/de la Coma, 2 Meranges 683521113

HOSTAL D’ÉLLER Hostal-Restaurant c/de la Font, 5 973293021 / 690362349 Éller

Bellver, Ger i Saga

HOTEL BELLAVISTA Hotel-restaurant Crta. de Puigcerdà, 45 Bellver de Cerdanya 973510000

CAL REUS Turisme rural apartaments c/Quatre Cantons 972894002 Ger

CAL MARTRI Hotel de muntanya c/Major 972147019 Ger

EL JAÇ Hotel-restaurant c/Andreu Xandri 972894291 Ger

EL REBOST DE GER Restaurant Plaça Major, 2 Ger 972147055

CAL PONS Restaurant Carretera Vella, 2 Ger 972894110

EL PORTAL Restaurant Plaça Major Ger 972894275

CAL TORRA Restaurant C / Quatre Cantons, 5 Ger 972147071

CAL PATXO DE SAGA Allotjament rural c/Major Saga 972894065

Travel agency

PIRINEU EVASIÓ is the official travel agency of MotorClub 80 for this race.

Rosa Maria and Elisabet, who are aware of the tourist establishments in the area and the trial, will be attentive to you with the utmost cordiality and professionalism.

c/Pons i Guasch, 3 17520 Puigcerdà (Girona)
Tel. 972882288 – Fax 972881817

Patronat Comarcal de Turisme de la Cerdanya:

Patronat de turisme Costa Brava-Pirineu de Girona:

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